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Google and other search engines will check your backlink profile with precission. An unnatural looking link profile will get ranking penalties or in the worst case Google will deindex your entire website. It is important to have healthy ratios and a wide variety of different backlink types for the perfect profile.

High Quality Contentlink

Backlink Strenght Rating

Strength: 5/5

  • Backlink inside Content
  • Professionel Written Article
  • Authority Website (High SEO Metrics)
  • Source Website is Clients's Choice
  • Dofollow or Nofollow (Client's Choice)
  • Lifetime / No recurring Payments

Authority Blog Backlink

Backlink Strenght Rating

Strength: 5/5

  • Authority Blog from your Niche
  • Backlink from Topic Relevant Article
  • Published in Authority Writers Name
  • Source Website is Clients's Choice
  • Dofollow or Nofollow (Client's Choice)
  • Lifetime / No recurring Payments

Guest Post Backlink

Backlink Strenght Rating

Strength: 5/5

  • Biggest German Magazines & Portals
  • Sites like Bild.de or Focus.de
  • Article written by offical Editor
  • Source Website is Clients's Choice
  • Dofollow or Nofollow (Client's Choice)
  • Lifetime / No recurring Payments

Forum Backlinks

Backlink Strenght Rating

Strength: 3/5

  • 100% topic relevant forums
  • Only clean and strong forums
  • In 6000+ german forums over 25.000 user
  • Source Website is Clients's Choice
  • Dofollow or Nofollow (Client's Choice)
  • Lifetime / No recurring Payments

Wikipedia.org Backlink

Backlink Strenght Rating

Strength: 5/5

  • Most trusted website worldwide
  • Choose Wikipedia topic and link text
  • We create a new Wiki page or modify one
  • Guarantee on our work
  • Get a Wiki Backlink for as low as 39€!!
  • Lifetime / No recurring Payments

Press Release Backlinks

Backlink Strenght Rating

Strength: 4/5

  • Strongest German Press & News Portals
  • Choose from over 300 German Press Sites
  • Professionally written Press Releases
  • Source Website is Clients's Choice
  • Dofollow or Nofollow (Client's Choice)
  • Lifetime / No recurring Payments

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German Link Building - Our Passion, our profession

A good SEO plan must include acquiring backlinks. Links inform search engines as to a sites trustworthiness and whether that site deserves a high placement in SERPs (search engine results pages). However, search engines aren’t just evaluating backlinks by number. They also factor the type of backlinks.

Backlinks of varying types contribute different levels of impact on search engine evaluations. The following will explain the different types of backlink and their values, and give you tips on how to get the best, most valuable backlinks.

3 Aspects to Link Value

To begin, let’s discuss what makes a link valuable, as backlink value can vary significantly. Some backlinks can be far more influential than others, while some can even be poor when it comes to SEO.

Here are the three most significant factors driving link impact:

1. The Linking Site’s Authority

Quality websites provide the best backlinks. You want backlinks from sites known as authorities in their fields. This sends the best signal to a search engine evaluation process. A good way to evaluate a site along these lines is via the site’s Alexa Rank. A better – lower, for Alex Rank – ranking equals better SEO. Use Alexa’s Site Overview tool to look for sites with the lowest possible rankings.

2. No Follow vs. Do Follow

A website’s links have the option of being specified as either ‘no follow’ or ‘do follow’. A ‘no follow’ link informs search engines to ignore the link, which harms SEO value. A ‘do follow’ link flags search engines, meaning a positive impact to SEO.

Keep in mind that ‘no follow’ links still do have the potential to drive traffic, so they are not without value. But ‘do follow’ links are best for SEO. As a result, you would prefer that any links to your site be programmed as ‘do follow’ links.

3. On-Site Link Location

The final main factor in link value comes from where a link is located. Most websites are created in various sections, and the value of a link depends on which section it appears in.

The best place for SEO is links within the site’s main body content. Links placed within headers, sidebars or footers may not give as much SEO value. This is important when trying to cultivate the best backlinks – aim for links placed in the main body of the site.

Link Building Techniques for Google Germany - Infographic

Link Building for Google.de - The Best Backlinks

Keeping these factors in mind, it’s possible to zero in on which backlinks are most valuable for SEO. The following strategies will deliver superior SEO results over the long term.

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial mentions are the best types of backlinks. The definition of an editorial mention is another website linking to and referencing your site within high-quality content.

Examples of editorial mentions include: Referring readers to your site for further info, citing a source from either your content or a member of your organization, adding your site in a link roundup, publishing an interview with a member of your organization or giving your website credit for an infographic.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Another useful tool for getting backlinks is guest blogging. A common practice when creating a guest blog for another cite is allowing you to add an editorial backlink in you blog content. If you guest blog for an influential site, you’re now adding that backlink with all the value that high-quality site brings.

Business Profile Backlinks

When you make an online profile for your business, you’re allowed to add a link to your site. Having links to your site coming from industry directories, business listings and social media networks boosts the value of your site in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

Newsworthy Press Release Backlinks

Press releases can act not only as vessels for disseminating info about your company or website, but also to generate backlinks. However, there’s a catch. Make sure to send out press releases only when you have some legitimate news to report.

Link Building Ranking Factors for Germany - Infographic

Comment Backlinks

When leaving a comment on another site’s blog, you are frequently permitted to link to your own site. Keep in mind that many spammers and bad actors abuse comment sections by dumping poor content along with links. This will actually harm SEO. Be sure to create genuine and useful content with your comment. The added plus is that in addition to creating backlinks, you may drive traffic via readers of your comment.

Interview Backlinks

Any time you’re asked to give an interview, whether via radio, podcast, text or TV, you’ll be given a valuable link. The more interesting and informative you are in interviews, the better chance you have of getting additional ones.

Q&A Platform Backlinks

Q&A platforms like Yahoo Answers and Quora are a good place to drop links to your site, provided your site does in fact answer people’s questions. Note that these sites will usually link to you using ‘no follow’, so from an SEO perspective it’s not ideal. But you do get exposure to a large audience, and another person might decide to link you additionally.

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