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Trusted Link from Wikipedia – Boost your Website

The importance of Trusted Links cannot be underestimated. They show search engines that your site provides a high degree of valuable information and reliability. If your website has to contend with low-quality pages appearing alongside it in search engines, Trusted Links is a necessary tool to boost your searches and stand up to the competition. For successful SEO Germany this is very important.

For search engine optimization and the generation of high-quality traffic that Wikipedia offers, Trusted Links ensures better results. This online encyclopedia is extremely reliable in both its German and English version, so links from Wikipedia improve search engine results in a very short space of time.

What is the impact of Trusted Links?

Google manually distributes the trusted rank to the highest level. This means that a certain number from 0-10 (as the maximum trust rank) will be assigned to websites by their trustworthiness. Those who are established can therefore expect to have a trust rank of 9, even if Google does not publish the exact dates. Websites with trust rankings of 9 will in turn link to other pages that have the next lower trust ranking, and so on. Our Germany Linkbuilding Specialists only concentrate on Backlinks ranks 7 and up in trust.

Good trusted links, however, are difficult to come by. The reason why websites experience difficulty in the beginning is because journalists use other sources and value the trust of linking. The trustworthiness of a website is composed of a combination of its age and reputation. You can also benefit from a Wikipedia link!

The advantages of Trusted Links

  • Improvement of the SERPs.
  • Resources of choice in the fight against spam websites.
  • Gives the ultimate advantage of strong competition.
  • Generation of high-quality traffic by reaching the target group.

Wikipedia Marketing - Infographic

Trusted Links from Wikipedia

Wikipedia takes on websites with a high Trust Rank. If you want to learn about a topic, it can almost invariably be found on Wikipedia. Wikipedia articles are most often sourced when people are looking for reliable information.

Benefits of authority backlinks from Wikipedia:

  • The link increases your trustworthiness.
  • More quality traffic: targeted visitors come to your website to learn more about a specific topic.
  • Among them the proportion of webmasters and bloggers who want to provide their users with high-quality information is relatively high and the chance of more backlinks from trusted sites increases.
  • It gives a boost effect, which can increase awareness of your website and increase its traffic dramatically.
  • Comparatively inexpensive and accessible with an outstanding online reputation.

Quality content as a condition

Wikipedia is considered by many as a starting point for research. Can your website score with important information and pull in the target audience you desire? The ability to generate more traffic and to achieve higher quality of the same composition is often underestimated. However, the SEO benefits of Wiki backlinks was exploited by many SEO agencies without offering added value. The result was a so-called spamming order to improve their SERPs.

Wikipedia program presenters therefore increased the use value that a link offers to the users, which has more information and refers to a reputable source. In addition, the Trust algorithm also observed increasingly thematic factors, so it is more important than ever to operate link-building within a sector and thematic area.

Wikipedia backlinks that are permanent

Our team for Wikipedia has no unnatural fast link-building goal, but is rather focused on sustainability. We create high-quality products that fully meet the Wikipedia policies and regulations and provide new information that reflects the thematic classification of your website.

This new information and other content can be found on your website. You benefit twice because without trusted content, trusted links become worthless. In this way, it is a win-win situation that benefits your website, Wikipedia and users.

Our German SEO service is also why Wikipedia is unbeatable, because our team has the highest-ranking Wiki Authors accounts and is thus known for its excellent quality. The contribution will not be deleted or removed. In this way, a sustainable link-building is possible that not only improves the search engine results, but also provides your website with quality traffic. Texts created by us are researched and error-free, following high standards in expression and formulation and also have the necessary lexical added value.

If you want to use the most effective white hat SEO strategies, you can request a quote through our contact form or by email at service@eliteseo.biz. We are looking forward to moving your website forward successfully!

  • You can also benefit from a Wikipedia link!
  • Take advantage of the strongest and “most trusted” link on the WWW backlink from Wikipedia – creating high-quality Wiki articles.

How is Wikipedia content created - Infographic

Get backlink from Wikipedia

The creation of professional Wikipedia articles and texts, and their adaptation and supplementation with high-quality information from a web-link to your website to generate traffic, means not only receiving one of the strongest authority backlinks on the Internet for free (which will enhance the overall relevance and visibility of your website sustainably), but it will also generate direct traffic. The German Wiki is among the world’s best-kept websites on the Internet today.

Overview of our services in the field “Wikipedia Marketing”

We promise high quality service!

Each of our Wikipedia articles include the necessary traceable-to-source material and internal notes for the following control sightings from Wikipedia. If your website does not contain the necessary additional information, we create the required basis for you to produce a high quality backlink to your website from a Wiki text, which offers added value for the reader. Clients who buy backlinks from us will be happy with the results.

But the best aspect is our success guarantee: if we do not succeed, your link to Wikipedia wil not cost you anything. Our success rate currently stands at 98.5%.

More Benefits of Wikipedia backlinks:

  • A Wikipedia backlink has an extremely high trust factor.
  • Long-term links with high resistance.
  • Increase your authority factor by a topically relevant backlink.
  • Direct traffic from Wikipedia.
  • Indirect traffic increases by ranking improvements.
  • Long-term positive effect on SEO search result positions.
  • Reputation increase.
  • Increase your online visibility (off page by SERP increase, onpage using lexically relevant technical texts on your website).

Thus, we will create an extremely durable and effective backlink for your website. Our professional Wiki contributors have years of experience and create every article fully compliant according to the applicable Wikipedia guidelines and regulations. Our team has the highest ranking Wikipedia Wiki Authors accounts, which is a clear advantage. All information is researched and created by us and our texts have high standards of expression and formulation.

Extremely effective SEO and warranty on our part!

SEO warranty is not uncommon to land Wiki articles on various keywords on the first Google ranks that have the Wiki markup but they always have a very high value in the Google algorithm. You can benefit directly by increased traffic, and higher trust values will be associated with your website. We also give you a warranty on the durability of our article including the WikiLink to your presence.

It is important to know how unnatural backlinks and backlinks of low quality can hurt the page rankings of your website. The best way to avoid this problem is to have high-quality backlinks (if you are interested in such clean German Links, simply request more infos - we are an authority in that field in Germany). High-quality backlinks will get your website near the top of search engine results pages also known as SERPs. Remember that the original purpose of backlinks is to drive traffic from other websites to your website. To obtain high-quality backlinks, they must all possess these four basic characteristics: Authority, Relevance, Uniqueness and High Traffic.

Why are Wikipedia Backlinks so effective - Infographic


Internet users will consider your website authoritative if it already contains what is consider authoritative links. If someone has learned all they can from a site that they have bookmarked, they may look for more links in the “For Further Reading,” or “To Learn More” sections. It even better if they found your website through hyperlinked text in the content of a site that they consider authoritative.

Search engines also keep lists of sites that they consider authoritative or trustworthy. The more closely your site is linked to one of these seed sites, the higher it will rank on an SERP. If your site is linked from a BBC or Huffington Post page (more about the topic Guest Posting Services), it will be more likely to be considered authoritative, and has a very good chance of being one of the first links that a searcher will see when they type in a relevant search term.

The principle of this concept similar to one that works in real life: If a person is looking for a copyright attorney, he or she may ask for recommendations from the attorney who handled their personal injury case.

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